Conceptualizing Modern Palestine: Exemplars of Liberating Knowledge


“Conceptualizing Modern Palestine: Exemplars of Liberating Knowledge” includes seven academic articles that examine several elements of the grand classical themes of Palestinian national identity concerning the land, the people, and the narrative. The articles are authored by seven doctoral candidates from the Ph.D. Program in Social Sciences at Birzeit University as contributions to the discussion on the meanings of Palestine as an identity and a cause. These chapters constitute a guide to understanding modern Palestine from within historic Palestine, through various methodologies and approaches that attempt to portray Palestine in its fragmented geography and demography, as well as its diverse culture. The tools they employ are notable both for the originality of the case-studies under examination and the indigeneity of the methodologies used. These methodologies used by the scholars range from postcolonial studies to indigenous studies and militant research. The various orientations of the fields of study the researchers work in and their methodologies allowed them the opportunity to conduct a two-pronged critique of the ideological persistence of the Zionist colonial project, and the transmutations that the Palestinian national liberation project has undergone on the political, social, and cultural levels.

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Supervised and edited:Abdul-Rahim al-Shaikh

Abdul Rahim SHIEKH:is a poet and academician from Jerusalem. He is a professor of philosophy and cultural and Arabic studies at Birzeit University. His research work focuses on nationalism and identity politics (especially their audiovisual expressions, in theory and in practice) in a colonial context, in addition to his essays about art criticism, Arabic poetry and translation. His latest book "The Columbus Syndrome and Exploration of Palestine: Policies of the Israeli appellation of the Palestinian scene and the counter-Palestinian linguistic engineering" will be published in 2015 by the Institute for Palestine Studies.


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