Safad During the British Mandate Period, 1917-1948: A Social and Political Study


The book is a detailed socio-political survey of Safad during the British Mandate period. The city was throughout history the administrative, economic, and cultural capital of Upper Galilee and part of Mount Amel and southern Lebanon. The book fills an important gap in the information about this part of Palestine. Moreover, it is a new and original attempt to study and understand modern Palestinian history through an exploration of the social and political dimensions, and an in-depth analysis of the local history in connection with general Palestinian history. The study covers eleven chapters that deal with the evolution of the city since the late Ottoman period through the British Mandate up to its occupation by the Israelis in 1948. It extensively covers all phases of political activism and national struggle, and the relationship between Safad and the Palestinian national movement in general and the role the city played in this movement in particular. The book includes a detailed account of the battle of Safad and its consequences in 1948 war, for the first time in an Arab narration of events, in contrast with the Zionist account. It also contains an appendix richly illustrated with photographs and documents.

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Born in Jish/Safad in 1962, Mustafa 'ABBASI descends from a Safadi family. He holds a PhD from the University of Haifa, 2000. He specializes in the socio-political history of Palestine in the Mandate period. His publications include (in Arabic): The History of the Tuqan Family in Jabal Nablus, and The Villages of Safad in the Mandate Period.


Institute for Palestine Studies, in collaboration with Muwatin, The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy and the Institute of Jerusalem Studies
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