Jerusalem Quarterly

The Jerusalem Quarterly is the leading journal on the past, present, and future of Jerusalem. It documents the current status of the city and its predicament. It is also dedicated to new and rigorous lines of inquiry by emerging scholars on Palestinian society and culture. 

* The Jerusalem Quarterly is distributed for free worldwide (only shipping costs apply)
Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya

Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya, London and Beirut, has been published since 1990. It provides a major forum for intra-Palestinian debate and constitutes a unique and vital intellectual link among Palestinians of the occupied territories, Israel, and the Diaspora.  

Journal of Palestine Studies

The Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS) is a refereed multidisciplinary journal published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis on behalf of the Institute for Palestine Studies. Since its founding in 1971, JPS has been the English-language academic journal of record on Palestinian affairs.