United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-1974


The first edition, compiled by Sami Hadawi, appeared in 1966 under the title United Nations Resolutions on Palestine 1947-1966 as No. 3 in the IPS Basic Documentary Series. The second edition, compiled and classified by Sami Musallam, appeared in 1973 under the title United Nations Resolutions on Palestine 1947-1972 as No. 10 in the Basic Documentary Series. This volume, the third expanded edition, completes the earlier ones by including all the resolutions adopted by the United Nations in 1974 and other resolutions adopted earlier by specialized agencies, but not included in the first two editions either because it was not possible to obtain them in time for publication or because of inadvertent omissions. The texts of the resolutions have been taken from official records of the United Nations.


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George J. TOMEH, born in Damascus, Syria in 1922, has represented the Syrian government in various capacities since 1945. He served as Consul General of the United Arab Republic (Syria & Egypt) in New York, Permanent Representative (Ambassador) of the Syrian Arab Republic at the United Nations. He was also appointed as Minister of Economics of the Syrian Government in 1964, and later adviser to the Institute for Palestine Studies. One of the leading Arab scholars and intellectuals, Professor Tomeh has written many books in Arabic and in English.


Institute for Palestine Studies and Center for Research and Documentation, Abu Dhabi
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