Transformations of the Palestinian Society since 1948: Between Loss and Challenges of Survival


This book attempts to diagnose and analyze the structural transformations which occurred within Palestinian society since the Nakba of 1948 by revealing the colonial context threatening its identity, survival and the basis of its very existence. The authors provide a comprehensive, critical and concise vision of the social transformations to which the Palestinian people were subjected, with a focus on the areas of West Bank, Gaza and the occupied territories since 1948.

The book identifies two interconnected and complementary axes: the first revolves around analyzing the basic social, political, economic and cultural transformations as well as the nature of their impact upon surrounding spaces and environments, while the second revolves around studying these transformations within a historical context spanning from the British mandate up to the present. 

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About the Author(s)

Author and Chief Editor:Majdi al-Maliki

Majdi al-Maliki, is Associate Professor of Sociology at Birzeit University and a researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies.

Author and Associate Editor:Hasan Ladadwi

Hasan Ladadwi, is a lecturer in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences in Birzeit University. He is the author of several studies about the civil society and social policies in Palestine.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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