Menahem Begin, from Terrorism to Power


The changing nature of Israeli political leadership is discussed in this work, inaugurated by the accession to the office of Prime Minister of the former terrorist Menachem Begin. The study sheds light on Begin’s political formation, which had its roots in a racist and expansionist ideology. It highlights the various terrorist activities that he engaged in, including the Deir Yasin massacre of 1948. It also traces Begin’s ascent to power from the formation of the Gahal bloc in 1956 until the establishment of the Likud bloc in 1973, revealing the internal dynamics of these political formations and the tensions within them. The work then describes Begin’s political positions and attitudes on the verge of his taking office, particularly in the run-up to the parliamentary election of 1977 and during that election, analyzing the Likud platform and the results of the election. Finally, it examines Begin’s position after taking office after the formation of a coalition government.

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Under the direction of:Elias Shufani

Born in 1932 in Western Galilee in Palestine, Elias SHUFANI became an Israeli citizen after the conquest of the region by Israel in the 1948 war. He graduated from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Princeton University, New Jersey. He served as head of Research and Israeli Studies at the IPS in Beirut and is the author of several works in Islamic history and the Palestine problem.

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