Memoirs of a Palestinian Lawyer: Hanna Deeb Nakkara, Lawyer of the Land and the People


The memoirs of Hanna Deeb Nakkara (1912 - 1984), who was among the first Palestinians to study law at the University of Damascus in 1930-33. In 1934, he began practicing law in Palestine and then he started an eleven year partnership with a well-known advocate. Nakkara became a Palestinian lawyer and political activist who was well known within Israel's legal establishment and among Palestinian citizens of Israel for his uncompromising legal defense of Arab land rights before the Haifa District Court and the Israeli High Court. He was also active in Palestinian national politics in Israel within the framework of the Israeli Communist Party and Rakah. He served as a member of the party's central committee from 1957 to 1972 and was a member of the Committee for the Defense of Arab Land in Israel, established in 1975.

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Hanna DEEB NAKKARA is one of the first Palestinian Lawyers to obtain a degree from the Law Institute of Damascus in 1936. He is a cofounder of the Communist Party in Palestine and of the Committee for the Defense of Arab lands. Since 1948, Nakkara defended the rights of expulsed Palestinians and, for decades, the rights of the Arab inhabitants of the occupied Galilee region before the High Court of Justice.

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