Israeli Economic Plans in Light of the Separate Settlement Accord


This study, based on material translated from Hebrew sources, analyzes Israeli economic designs on the Arab states, as revealed in the context of the Camp David accords and the Egyptian-Israeli treaty. Within a month of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's trip to Israel, the Israeli press was full of articles and statements about "the peace economy and the economic peace", mostly reflecting long-held Israeli economic interests. In five chapters, the work discusses the following issues: the developmental stages of the Israeli economy and its relation to imperialist monopolies; conceptions of the so-called "peace economy"; the direct impact of the settlement treaty on the Israeli economy; medium-term economic cooperation with Egypt; and plans for future "cooperative projects" with Egypt and some of the Arab states.

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Edited by:Samir Jabbour

Samir JABBOUR is a Palestinian from Western Galilee who obtained his MA degree in history from St. Joseph University in Beirut. He was a senior Hebraist and the head of the Translation Department at the IPS in Beirut.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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