The General Survey of Israel 2011


This reference work is a comprehensive introduction to the current situation in Israel, including its political, legal, ideological, informational, economic, social, scientific, and strategic aspects. It also addresses the issues of settlement activity, Zionism, and the status of the Arab minority. Since it aims to be a condensed and authoritative reference work, the approach taken is part descriptive and part analytical. It focuses on recent developments without neglecting the historical background, and draws its information mainly from Israeli primary sources. The factual information contained in this work is corroborated with statistical charts, diagrams, and maps. In addition to detailed indexes that make this reference work easier to use, it contains an appendix of the most prominent personalities in Israel. This volume is a revised version of a work issued by IPS in 2004. The contents have been thoroughly updated for this revised edition and new chapters have been added. The contributors to this volume are Palestinian researchers, most of whom have knowledge of Hebrew and some of whom were trained at Israeli universities. The result is a volume that combines an insider’s guide and an outsider’s perspective.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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