The Egyptian and Palestinian Relations: Issue Prospects between the Popular Path and Official One


The significance of this study lies in its unique ability to connect two contexts, the popular and the official, without being limited to either one. This intellectual breath is particularly significant given the pronounced rise of Arab social mobility and rise in popular expression in recent years, as well as the resultant effects on authorities in many Arab countries well beyond Egypt and Palestine. The study focuses also on official policies through a vision encompassing the dynamic relationship among institutions within the state; rather than dealing with the state as a higher, overarching entity. Such an approach helps to illuminate Egyptian state decisions related to the Palestinian cause while also remaining attentive to the rising influence of the public sphere on the official one. Connecting contemporary developments around this issue within both contexts, the study’s approach makes it possible to diagnose the state of the Palestinian cause in both an immediate and near-term sense.   

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Tahrir al-Araj, is an adjunct professor in the Sociology Department at American University of Cairo (AUC) and a consultant in social work and development for several developmental and feminist institutions in Egypt and Palestine. Al A’raj received her PhD in Sociology/Social Development from Illinois University, USA, in 2011. Prior to that she attended Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine, where she earned her BA in Sociology and her MA in Gender, Development and Law.  

Mohammad al-Ajati, is a researcher in Political Science and a Manager of Arab Alternatives Center for Studies. Al Ajati earned his MA in Political Development from Cairo University. He specialized in civic society affairs, social movements and political reform in the Arab region.


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