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Year of the Locust: The Great War and the Erasure of Palestine's Ottoman Past

Salim Tamari
This book language is Arabic
The hero of our story is Ihsan Hasan al-Turjman (1893-1917), an ordinary recruit in the Ottoman military headquarters...

The Hijazi Railroad: History of the Dar'a-Haifa Line

Johnny Mansour
This book language is Arabic
The Hijazi railroad was built by the Ottoman state during the late reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. It main objectives...

Living Palestine: Family Survival, Resistance, and Mobility under Occupation

Edited by:Lisa Taraki

This book language is Arabic
This groundbreaking volume takes an in-depth look at how individuals, families, and entire households “cope,” negotiate...


Jaffa: From the Napoleonic Conquest to the Campaign of Ibrahim Pasha (1799–1831)

Hasan Ibrahim Said
This book language is Arabic
The book is the sixth in a series of monographs on the Palestinian cities published by the Institute for Palestine...



Children of Palestine: Experiencing Forced Migration in the Middle East

Prepared by:Dawn Chatty,Gillian Lewando Hundt

Translator:Bassem Sirhan

This book language is Arabic
Palestinian children and young people living both within and outside of refugee camps in the Middle East are the focus...


U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel, January 5, 2006

Jeremy M. Sharp
This book language is Arabic
This report provides an overview of U.S. foreign assistance to Israel. It includes a review of past aid programs, data...


Studies in the Social History of the Arab East (Bilad al-Sham): Biographies and Autobiographies

Editors:Issam Nassar,Salim Tamari

This book language is Arabic
The essays in this volume attempt to redress a gap in the social history of the Arab East (Bilad ash-Sham) by...


United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Volume 6 (1999-2004)

Prepared by:Jeanette Saroufim,Sana Hammoudi

Edited by:Mona Nsouli

This book language is Arabic
This is the latest volume of a unique collection which brings together for the first time the texts of all the...


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Ilan Pappé
This book language is Arabic
The 1948 Palestine-Israel War is known to Israelis as ‘The War of Independence’, but for Palestinians it will forever...



Diaries of Khalil Sakakini: Diaries, Letters, Reflections. Volume 6, Part 3: Between Father and Son, The Letters of Khalil Sakakini to his Son Sari in America, 1935-1937

Khalil Sakakini
This book language is Arabic
In this volume Khalil Sakakini continues his correspondence with his son Sari while the latter was studying in America...


Abdul Razzaq Al-Yahya Between Militarism and Politics (Memories)

Abdul Razzaq Al-Yahya
This book language is Arabic
The memoirs of Lieutenant General Abdul Razzaq Al-Yahya who was trained as a military strategist and served different...


Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians 1876-1948 (Arabic)

Walid Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
Before Their Diaspora is a visual journey into Palestine before 1948. Every important aspect of Palestinian society...