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In light of the crisis in the world due to the Corona epidemic, the Institute for Palestine Studies is pleased to offer its esteemed readers a 40% discount on the value of their purchases from the Foundation’s books in Arabic.
Books will be delivered according to transportation and shipping conditions in each region.


The Palestine Yearbook 1967

Editor:Burhan Dajani

This book language is Arabic
This series of comprehensive yearly volumes depicts the history of the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict...




The Resistance of the Western Bank of Jordan to Israeli Occupation-1967

This book language is Arabic
This book is a collection of documents regarding the West Bank resistance to Israeli occupation in the period...



Field Study of Israeli Violation of the Declaration of Human Rights in the Suez Canal Area and the UAR Occupied Territories in Sinai and the Gaza Strip

This book language is Arabic
Reprint of a paper presented at the Arab Regional Conference on Human Rights, Beirut, 1968. This study covers refugees...

The Arab-Israeli Armistice Agreements, February-July 1949: U.N. Texts and Annexes

Compiled by:Institute for Palestine Studies,Documentary Section

This book language is Arabic
This book contains the official documents and appendices concerning the four Arab-Israeli Truce Agreements, which were...


The Israeli Violation of the Religious Status Quo at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

This book language is Arabic
This memorandum describes the condition of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as specified by the international fact-finding...

The Diet of Palestine Arab Refugees Receiving UNRWA Rations, up to 31 May, 1967

Usama Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
The study deals with the diet of the Palestinian refugees as it was on the eve of the June war of 1967. It concludes...

The Palestine Question: Seminar of Arab Jurists on Palestine, Algiers, 22-27 July 1967

Translated by:Salah Dabbagh

Revised by:Joseph Moghaizel

This book language is Arabic
This volume consists of the proceedings of a conference held by a group of prominent Arab jurists in Algiers in the...



Arab Sovereignty over the Gulf of Aqaba and the Straits of Tiran

Salah Dabbagh
This book language is Arabic
Basing itself on historical and legal justifications, this study demonstrates Arab rights to the Gulf of Aqaba and...