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The Palestine War 1947-1948: An Official Israeli Account

Introduction by:Walid Khalidi

Translated by:Ahmad Khalifeh

Revised by:Samir Jabbour

This book language is Arabic
This landmark work is the translation from Hebrew of the official Israeli version of the 1948 war. It consists of two...


Political Leadership and Institutions in Palestine 1917-1948

Bayan Nuwayhid al-Hout
This book language is Arabic
This in-depth study fills a large gap in modern Palestinian historiography and provides an important source of...


Israel and the War in Lebanon: Assessments by Israeli Experts

Prepared by:Rida Salman,Randa Haidar Shararah,Yola Batal

Revised by:Samir Jabbour,Khalid Ayid

This book language is Arabic
Relying on Israeli and Hebrew sources, this documentary compilation comprises assessments of Israeli experts, officials...


Israel and the «Carter Plan»

Elias Shufani
This book language is Arabic
The Camp David agreement occurred as a result of a specific chain of events in U.S. politics, beginning with the "step...


The Soviet Union and Camp David

Rashid Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
This monograph analyzes the politics of the Soviet Union during the twelve months following the Camp David Agreements...


U.S. Threats of Intervention Against Arab Oil: 1973-1979

Marwan Buheiry
This book language is Arabic
This paper addresses U.S. policy in the Middle East and threats of military incursion into the Arab oil fields, during...


The Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Arab Economic Prospects in the 1980’s

Atif A. Kubursi
This book language is Arabic
This study analyzes the five vital economic issues facing the Arab world on the threshold of the 1980s: the poor...


Military Balance between the Arab States and Israel in the 1980’s

Riad Al-Ashqar
This book language is Arabic
This study focuses on the development of the military balance between the Arab countries and Israel in the 1980s, and...


1949, The First Israelis

Tom Segev
This book language is Arabic
This is a translation of the Hebrew work bearing the same title by the revisionist Israeli journalist, Tom Segev, on...


The Arab Press in Palestine 1876-1948

Prepared by:Yousef Khoury

This book language is Arabic
This book is a detailed and comprehensive manual of journalism in Palestine from the date that the first newspaper was...


The Palestine Question and the American Context

Edward W. Said
This book language is Arabic
In this work, Edward Said analyzes the U.S. political arena and U.S. society, with regard to the Palestinian cause. He...



The Military-Industrial Complex in Israel

Yoram Peri, Amnon Neubach
This book language is Arabic
The issues this study addresses include: the Israeli military industry and its distribution among various corporations...