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Under Siege: PLO Decisionmaking During the 1982 War

Rashid Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
This book provides a historical narrative presented by a witness of the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, and of the...


Palestine Arab Workers Society in Haifa

Ahmad al-Yamani (Abu Maher)
This book language is Arabic
In the preface to his book, Ahmad Al Yamani (Abu Maher) states the goal behind writing it. He writes: “due to the big...


The History of the Palestinians and their National Movement

Chief Author:Maher al-Charif

Associate Author:Issam Nassar

This book language is Arabic
Our book aspires to be utilized as a scholastic book dedicated for study at a university level. The book builds upon...


Palestine Internationally: Rise of the Right Wing in the World and Re-examining the Challenges

Edited by:Jamil Hilal,Munir Fakher Eldin,Khalid Farraj

This book language is Arabic
This book consists of several research papers that were prepared, presented and discussed by various scholars and...


Bedouin Communities in the Middle of the West Bank As a Case Study

Ahmad Heneiti
This book language is Arabic
This study examines Bedouin concentrations in the West Bank, the majority of which stand as a hurdle facing the...


Strategy of the Israeli Army in Light of Regional Changes and Recent Threats Studies by Senior Israeli Generals and Researchers

Edited by:Ahmad Khalifeh

This book language is Arabic
Gadi Eizenkot, the General Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, published a document titled “Israeli Army strategy” in...


Transformations of the Palestinian Society since 1948: Between Loss and Challenges of Survival

Author and Chief Editor:Majdi al-Maliki

Author and Associate Editor:Hasan Ladadwi

This book language is Arabic
This book attempts to diagnose and analyze the structural transformations which occurred within Palestinian society...


Popular Protest in Palestine: The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance

Andrew Rigby, Marwan Darweish
This book language is Arabic
This book provides an overview and analysis of the significance of unarmed civil (popular) resistance in the...


Jerusalem Properties and Endowments: A Study of the Old City Estates in the Twentieth Century

Munir Fakher Eldin, Salim Tamari
This book language is Arabic
This book examines the features of urban space in the old city in Jerusalem and its social and historical significance...


Gaza: A Social History under British Colonial Rule, 1917-1948

Abaher Al-Sakka
This book language is Arabic
This book presents the social history of Gaza city during the British colonial period up until 1948, while offering a...



Palestine, Our Homeland: Volume Four: The Nablus Region (2)

Mustafa Murad al-Dabbagh
This book language is Arabic
This book constitutes the second edition of volume 4 of the book: “Palestine: our Homeland”, whose first edition was...


11: Stories from the Palestinian Exile

This book language is Arabic
The culmination of a training workshop on creative writing titled “Writing Palestinian Asylum Through Autobiography”...