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Hamas : Political Thought and Practice

Khaled Hroub
This book language is Arabic
This is the first comprehensive and in-depth study of the Hamas movement in Palestine, examining its historical,...


The Palestine Deception, 1915–1923: The McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, the Balfour Declaration, and the Jewish National Home

J. M. N. Jeffries
This book language is English
-> Click here to buy this title as an eBook from About the Author: J. M. N. Jeffries, formerly a war...



Speak Bird, Speak Again : Palestinian Arab Folktales

Ibrahim Muhawi, Sharif Kanaana
This book language is Arabic
This book contains forty-five folktales drawn from a collection of two hundred tales narrated by women from different...


From the Holy Land to Palestine (De La Terre Sainte A La Palestine)

Serge Nègre, Stéphane Hessel, Wassim Fahim Abdullah, Danielle Autha
This book language is English
The originality of this book lies in the confrontation between the historical images of nineteenth-century photographer...


Antes De Su Diaspora

Walid Khalidi
This book language is Spanish
Before Their Diaspora is a visual journey into Palestine before 1948. Every important aspect of Palestinian society...


Control Food, Control People: The Struggle for Food Security in Gaza

Rami Zurayk, Anne Gough
This book language is English
Control Food, Control People examines the relation between Israeli strategies of control over Palestinians and the...


The Nakba: The Nakba of Jerusalem and the Lost Paradise, 1947-1949 (three volumes)

Arif al-Arif
This book language is Arabic
This book, even though more than five decades have passed since its publication, remains one of the most seminal and...


Jerusalem and Islam: Study in its Sanctity from an Islamic Perspective

Khalil Athaminah
This book language is Arabic
The city of Jerusalem has been present, since ancient times, in the minds of successive Arab generations. It was the...


Prisoners without Bayonets: The Palestinian Prisoners and the First Israeli Detention Centers, 1948-1949

Mustafa Kabha, Wadie Awawidah
This book language is Arabic
The book discusses, through documentation and analysis, the issue of detention centers established by the Israeli...


The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the light of Arab and Regional Changes

Edited by:Jamil Hilal

This book language is Arabic
The book includes papers presented by a number of authors during a seminar organized by the Institute of Palestine...


Highlighting the Dilemma of the Palestinian Political Elite

Jamil Hilal
This book language is Arabic
This study aims at examining the dilemma of the Palestinian political elite and determining where it stands today from...


The Israeli Security Industries: Strategic and Economic Roles

Edited by:Ahmad Khalifeh

Compiled by:Randa Haidar

This book language is Arabic
Since Israel lacks strategic depth to counter the attacking armies, it relies on specific concepts in its security...