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Ottoman Ramallah: A Study in its Social History 1517-1918

Sameeh Hammoudeh
This book language is Arabic
This study details the history of Ottoman Ramallah from the 16 th century until the end of Ottoman rule in Southern...


The Palestinian Nakba in the Israeli Public Sphere: Formations of Denial and Responsibility

Amal Jamal, Samah Bosool
This book language is Arabic
This research focuses on the systemic structuring of doctrines and conceptual approaches concerning the Palestinian...


In the Land of My Birth: A Palestinian Boyhood

Reja-e Busailah
This book language is English
In the Land of My Birth: A Palestinian Boyhood , the critically-acclaimed autobiographical narrative by Reja-e Busailah...



The Heart Paints What the Hand Perceives: The Biography of Tamam Al-Akhal and Ismail Shammout

Tamam Al Akhal
This book language is Arabic
This fascinating memoir explores the personal and artistic journey of Palestinian plastic artist Tamam Al AKhal and her...


Du souvenir, du mensonge, et de l'oubli: Chroniques palestiniennes

Ilan Halevi
This book language is French
Depuis son premier numero en 1981 jusqu'au dernier en 2008, la Revue d'études palestiniennes a régulièrement publié des...


La Mosaïque éclatée: une histoire du mouvement national palestinien (1993-2016)

Nicolas Dot-Pouillard
This book language is French
Les accords d'Oslo signés par Arafat et Rabin en septembre 1993 constituent un tournant décisif dans l'histoire du...


Main Documents on the Palestine Question: From the Archives of the General Secretariat of the Arab League; First Collection: 1915-1946

Edited:Amin Aql

Introduction by:Walid Khalidi

This book language is Arabic
Documents of volume I cover most of the British mandate period that resulted from the First World War. It is evident...


Zionist Thought in the Labyrinth of Renewal and Regeneration: The Dialectic of Internal Contradictions and their Practical Ramifications

Amal Jamal
This book language is Arabic
This study revolves around the intellectual analysis of some fundamental political trends and currents in Israel which...


Israeli Policy Towards the Jordan Valley and its Prospects

Ahmad Heneiti
This book language is Arabic
This study discusses the Israeli policy in Al-Aghwar area, where a de-facto annexation policy is being exercised, by...


Nakba and Survival: The Story of the Palestinians who Remained in Haifa and the Galilee (1948-1956)

Adel Manna
This book language is Arabic
This book carries with it various forms of renovations on numerous levels: theoretical, methodological, as well as in...


Palestine, Our Homeland: Volume One: Geography and History of Palestine: General View

Mustapha Murad al-Dabbagh
This book language is Arabic
This is the third edition of the first volume of the book “Our Country Palestine” which was first published by Dar-Al-...


Between Jaffa and Mount Hebron: The Diary of Mohammad Abd al-Hadi al-Shorof (1943-1962)

Edited by:Alex Winder

Foreword:Salim Tamari

This book language is Arabic
The “Chronicles of Al Shurouf” belong to a biographical series published by the Institute for Palestine Studies...