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Cartographie de l'exil - Lectures de l'oeuvre de Mahmoud Darwich

Ouvraĝe coordonné par:Kadhim Jihad Hassan

This book language is French
Cet ouvrage collectif réunit des contributions d'essayistes et de critiques littéraires qui traitent, à partir de l'...



The General Survey of Israel, 2020

Editor:Munir Fakher Eldin

Editorial Board:Ahmad Khalifeh,Mahmoud Soueid,Khalid Farraj

This book language is Arabic
This book provides a general survey on Israel in its various aspects: ideological, political, economic, legal, military...


The Palestinian Novel from 1948 to the Present

Bashir Abu-Manneh
This book language is Arabic
What happens to the Palestinian novel after the national dispossession of the Nakba, and how do Palestinian novelists...


Palestine in Arab and Islamic Summit Resolutions

Prepared and Introduced by:Maher al-Charif,Khalid Farraj

This book language is Arabic
This book covers the resolutions of the Arab summits on the issue of Palestine and the occupied city of Jerusalem, from...


The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel (BDS): A Study in Pathways, Values and Impact

Amr Saad Eddin
This book language is Arabic
This research project was prompted by the observation that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement was...


Zionism or the Zionist Question: The First Academic Study on Zionism in Arabic

Muhammad Ruhi Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
Muhammad Ruhi Khalidi was proud of his Arabism, Ottomanism and loyalty to the Islamic Caliphate. This book reflects the...


Intifada 1987: A Nation Transformed

Introduced and Edited by:Roger Heacock,Ala Jaradat

This book language is Arabic
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada in 1987, the Institute for...


The Palestinian Intellectual and the Stakes of Modernity (1908-1948)

Maher Charif
This book language is Arabic
This research starts from the assumption that Palestine experienced a modernist intellectual project driven by...


The Audiovisual Palestinian Heritage, Origin, Dispersion, and Digital Preservation: Preliminary Studies and Future Prospects

Bashar Shamout
This book language is Arabic
In this book, the author tries to shed light on the rich and distinctive audiovisual heritage of Palestine, in an...


Administrative Detention in Palestine as Part of the Imperialist System: The Judiciary in the Service of Public Security

Abdel Razek Farraj
This book language is Arabic
This book is a study on the policy of administrative detention and how it is used by the Israeli occupation as a tool...


The Other Jerusalem: Rethinking the History of the Sacred City

This book language is English
There have been countless works written on Jerusalem, often framing it as a holy city central to the three Abrahamic...



The Jewish Quarter and the Moroccan Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem: History and Destiny between Destruction and Judaization

Nazmi Jubeh
This book language is Arabic
While domination over the eastern part of Jerusalem took many forms after the June 1967 war, the most dramatic change...