Who Knows Better Must Say So!
Institute for Palestine Studies
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A collection of letters which the Jewish anti-Zionist Rabbi, Dr. Elmer Berger, sent when he was chief executive officer of the American Council for Judaism to the then past-President and President of the Council, during a trip he made to the Middle East. The letters deal with various subjects such as: The situation of Jewish communities in the Arab countries; industrial development in Egypt and Iraq; the crisis of Palestinian refugees; the artificial nature of the Israeli economy. Although these letters were written in 1955, IPS reprinted them because, as the author says in the introduction of the book, "the basics of the Arab/Zionist/Israeli confrontation have not changed in definition, or been eroded by diversions of propaganda or military adventures."

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Elmer Berger (1908-1996) was a Reform Rabbi widely known for his anti-Zionism. He was the founding executive director of the American Council for Judaism. He was an activist, lecturer, philosopher and theologian.